Yoshie Yamamura

Yoshie Yamamura

Using CCPM to improve end-to-end IT Life Cycle Performance


Yoshie Yamamura belongs to a department called ITLC (IT Life Cycle) that handles IT information equipment, and carries out business while coordinating with clients (Daiwa House Industry and its group companies) and vendors.

She is now in charge of managing the increasing number of PC supplies for the Daiwa House Group from PC procurement to installation and operation management. This time, she took the lead in improving PC supply by utilizing the TOC method.

Yoshie has been working for Media Tech Inc. for 5 years after working at Microsoft Consumer Support. She holds MCDST(Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) and MOT(Microsoft Official Trainer) qualifications certified by Microsoft. She uses these qualifications to provide skill guidance and team building for the members.