Rajeev Athavale

Rajeev Athavale

Vicious Cycle in Projects and How to Reverse It


Rajeev Athavale is a Management Consultant in the space of Theory of Constraints (TOC). He teaches and implements TOC. He has published nine TOC-related eBooks and has developed online TOC examinations. He has also created TOC courses, TOC-related videos, and online training sessions on various topics like Resolving Conflicts, Why Projects are usually late, TOC Overview, Vicious Cycles, Decisive Competitive Edge & Unrefusable Offer. He verbalized his concept of ‘TOC Audit’ – a critical activity that is seldom done in the companies where TOC is implemented.

In the year 2000, by sheer accident, Rajeev came across the book “The Goal” and it changed his life. He read all the books written by Dr. Goldratt and other TOC Gurus and researched on the Internet to gather knowledge about TOC. As a result, he has created a huge repository of presentations, articles, papers, case studies, and games on various aspects of TOC. Over the years, Rajeev became passionate about TOC. In his endeavor to deliver the projects faster and better, he studied in detail and successfully piloted Critical Chain in Patni. He also conducted a workshop on TOC in Patni. In 2008, Goldratt Consulting executed a Viable Vision project for a large Pharma company in India and Rajeev participated in implementation for about 20 months as Application Expert for CCPM. He gained experience in implementing CCPM for Product Development, Product Launch, and Infrastructure Development projects. As a part of the Viable Vision project, Rajeev has undergone training from various experts like Oded Cohen, Mickey Granot, Philip Viljoen, Eli Schragenheim, Humberto Baptista, Kiran Kothekar, and Martin Powell. Apart from the training and on the job experience, study of Goldratt’s webcast, Strategy & Tactics Trees, TOC Insights, TOC Simulators (GSIM, MICSS, PM SIM, and Distribution), TOC Games, and TOC SLPs (Self-Learning Programs) have helped him to enrich his TOC related knowledge.

After gaining huge knowledge and experience from the Viable Vision project, Rajeev continued to work on TOC-related projects and spread TOC knowledge by way of seminars, workshops, etc. For an Auto Spare Parts company in Ludhiana, Rajeev took their management team through the following TOC knowledge areas, made them ready for implementing TOC, and got them started on implementation: 1. TOC Basic Concepts 2. Throughput Accounting 3. DBR / SDBR 4. TOC’s Replenishment System 5. TOC’s concepts of Sales and Marketing Rajeev trained the directors of a manufacturing company in TOC concepts and their application for Manufacturing (DBR / SDBR). Rajeev taught the basics of TOC and Distribution solution to a Ceramics Art Products company in Pune and helped them to implement it. Rajeev also conducted a 3-day training program for various company executives organized by a company engaged in the training business for their various clients. He introduced TOC to the executives of a major Pharma company in Gujarat. He taught Project Management in a leading Management School in Mumbai. He explained in detail the Distribution solution to the Head of Distribution in a Pharma company. He conducted an introductory TOC training program for a Government Training Institute in Bhuvaneshwar. He introduced CCPM to a construction company in Mumbai. He studied the manufacturing system of a Container manufacturing company in Mumbai and briefed them about TOC solution for manufacturing.

During his interaction with several people, Rajeev realized that people need some easy and simple way to learn TOC and its applications, on their own. He, therefore, took upon himself to write such books. He then published the following eBooks over the years: Learner’s Guides (TOCLG) 1. Theory of Constraints (TOC) Basic Concepts and Decision Making 2. Theory of Constraints (TOC) Application for Manufacturing 3. Theory of Constraints (TOC) Application for Projects 4. Theory of Constraints (TOC) Application for Distribution These eBooks give the concepts in detail for anybody who wishes to learn TOC. Article Repository (eTOC) These eBooks are a collection of articles written by various TOC Gurus. These eBooks help to enhance the knowledge gained by studying the above eBooks. 1. Echoes of TOC Vol. 1 2. Echoes of TOC Vol. 2 TOC Implementation Guidance (DIY) Rajeev felt that though giving TOC knowledge through these eBooks is good; it is necessary to guide people on how to go about implementing various TOC applications. So, he published the following eBooks helping people to implement TOC applications by themselves. He called it “Do It Yourself (DIY)”: 1. Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small & Medium size Enterprises for Manufacturing. 2. Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small & Medium size Enterprises for Distribution. 3. Theory of Constraints – Do It Yourself Kit for Small & Medium size Enterprises for Projects. Some of these eBooks have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan languages.

He also wrote a book for Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai to introduce TOC and its various applications, in one of their courses. After having studies TOC, people needed a way to check their proficiency in TOC. Rajeev created five online exams consisting of 100 questions each. These exams provide multiple choice questions for the following topics: 1. TOC Basics 2. Throughput Accounting 3. TOC Manufacturing 4. TOC Distribution and 5. Critical Chain Project Management.

Rajeev has over 25 years of experience in IT, played various roles in different capacities, and earned experience and expertise by working with various organizations such as Patni Computer Systems Ltd., Mastek, ACC, etc. He specialized in the areas of Project Management, Software Quality, and Software Development Life Cycle methodologies. In 1980, Rajeev began his IT career as a Software Developer with the then-largest cement manufacturer in India, ACC, rapidly augmented his technical and human skills and handled various responsibilities for in-house development. When he left ACC in 1995 he was in charge of managing various projects for their marketing offices (11) and various Warehouses (over 150) across the country. In 1995, after joining Associated Capsules Ltd., the market leader in capsules manufacturing in India, he took charge of their IT initiative, managed the development and maintenance projects, and helped them in defining their IT strategy. In 1997, Rajeev joined Mastek, a leading software company, and executed Software Development projects for their Indian customers. He also contributed to pre-sale activities such as estimations, customer liaison, customer presentations, etc. In 1999, in Patni, another leading software export house in India, Rajeev helped to manage major initiatives like Quality and participated in taking the organization in climbing the ladder of SEI CMM assessment. He, along with other Steering Committee members, successfully led the company to achieve SEI CMM level 5. For this purpose, he played various roles such as Steering Committee member, SEPG member, and Software Quality Assurance Head. He contributed to various activities such as gap analysis, software process improvement, defect prevention activities, quality assurance activities, introducing knowledge management activities, defining and evaluating the organization’s performance metrics, revamping internal tools, etc. In 2000, Rajeev joined ARRK as Vice President Customer Solutions, taking responsibility for the delivery of all the projects to be developed offshore. The projects involved e-commerce projects for clients in the UK. Rajeev joined Patni again in 2001 and led a large customer account. He held end-to-end responsibility for Revenue and Profitability. He headed the account in the capacity of Business Delivery Owner and led a team of over 70 people consisting of Project Managers, Project Leaders, and Team Members. In 2006, he became the Head of Product Quality in IndoGlobal Knowledge Ventures. As he grew in his career, he played various roles starting with Software Developer through Designer, Analyst, Project Leader, Project Manager, Project Delivery Head, IT Head, Steering Committee Member, SEPG Member, SQA Head, Resource Manager, etc. He has participated, initiated, supported, mentored, managed, and controlled numerous projects in various capacities. The projects spanned from Software Development & Maintenance to Quality to Process Improvement Initiatives to reengineering internal systems to consulting assignments. Apart from his graduation in Commerce from Bombay University, Rajeev has undergone several Technical, Behavioural, and Managerial Training Programs such as the “Management Development” Program at IIM Ahmedabad, Dr. Edward Debono’s “Lateral Thinking”, Six Sigma, Organization Change Management to mention a few. He has also conducted few training sessions within the organization from time to time on various topics. His passion for learning, experimenting, sharing knowledge, and achieving results continues…