Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh

Taking Critical Chain to the Next Level


After a successful career in leading large organizations including Director of Operations for a five billion dollar enterprise and CEO for a $750 million company, in 1994 Daniel Walsh founded Vector Strategies, a Theory of Constraints, (TOC) focused company. He and Vector Strategies are recognized experts in developing and implementing powerful strategies that quickly and dramatically improve market presence and profitability. He has worked with companies in the pharmaceutical, construction, engineering; software, manufacturing, aerospace & defense industries. Numerous Fortune 100 companies are among his clients, including Textron, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Boeing, Lockheed and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Daniel Walsh’s success is based on his extensive experience as an executive and thought leader; as well as his development of innovative and cutting edge systems architecture and value added networking techniques. His focus is firmly grounded in the tenet that real and sustainable improvements in an organization must be measured on how successfully they increase profitability through value innovation.

His current efforts are focusing on developing synchronous enterprise value chain solutions in multiple industry sectors. His research and development is centered on identifying the need to identify and leverage the strategic constraints of the enterprise; which is the key to increasing throughput. This culminated in the development of the Integrated Enterprise Scheduling®, (IES®) solution engine. Initial empirical results from deploying the IES® in a dozen large companies over a five year period have been very promising. Many executives and thought leaders are convinced this may very well be the unified scheduling solution required for maximizing the profit of an enterprise wide value chain. The IES approach was chronicled when he co-authored The TOC Handbook, the seminal Theory of Constraints reference textbook.

Daniel Walsh is a sought after lecturer, coach, strategic thinker and is a trusted advisor to many senior corporate executives, currently is a member of numerous corporate boards. In addition he is co-founder of Exepron©, an advanced EPPM SaaS solution based on Critical Chain methodology.