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Watch this brief video for an overview of the Critical Chain 2022 conference and what it’s all about.

Critical Chain

Critical Chain has enabled thousands of projects to significantly and sustainably improve productivity.

Typical improvement ranges from 25% to over 100% increase in productivity and capacity. Durations and costs fall. And due-date reliability hits 95% plus.

Join us to learn the method hundreds of organizations use to deliver projects…


in less time


at lower cost

Without compromising

on quality or scope, and without changing their staff.

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The Critical Chain Project and Multi-Projects Management 101 Workshop examines problems with traditional PM and provides an introduction to Critical Chain Project Management. Includes two interactive games and a QUIZ.

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One of the best-kept secrets in project management?

The organizations who presented at this conference, all used the critical chain method (CCPM) to schedule their projects (or portfolios), and to manage execution.

Project execution is one of the least studied aspects of project management, and is often overlooked as an improvement lever.

And critical chain is about execution.

Once you have a well-defined project scope, a great business case, and a good team, is success guaranteed? Can it be as simple as turning the handle, or placing a contract and sitting back?

Experience suggests not.

Critical chain gives you an easily learned alternative to today’s common methods of project scheduling and control methods.

It builds into a structured and teachable method, many of the lessons that the best projects managers know instinctively, or learn over several decades.

Would your organization benefit if you could complete over 95% of your projects on-time?

And reduce the duration by 15-30%? And if you could reduce costs?

And improve quality? As well as reducing workplace stress?

Then why not watch on demand and hear first hand from project managers who have done exactly that?


Who is using Critical Chain (CCPM)?

Big household names like Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Mazda, Boeing, BAE, Embraer, Delta Airlines, Tata Steel and many more who are using CCPM to engineer a decisive competitive edge and achieve FAST and amazing RESULTS. View some of the results achieved.

In 2014 Mazda's chairman presented the results of their use of CCPM. Originally used in the development of new drivetrain technologies, it was used for the MX5 update. The presenters said the method was key to "...saving Mazda".

CCPM was central to the US Marine Corps' improvement at the Albany Maintenance Facility. "...the results were absolutely spectacular". From over 50% late and over-budget, to 100% on budget, 90+% on time, 200-300% capacity increase.

Japan's Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport put CCPM at the heart of its 'Win-Win-Win Public Works' initiative in the mid 2000's.

When launching the E-Jet-E2 range, Embraer reset the standard for the aircraft industry. Others took at least 85 months to develop and launch a new plane. Using CCPM, Embraer took 59. This project won the PMI Project of the Year award in 2019.


  • Why Critical Chain? Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the problems facing projects and why Critical Chain is the best solution for project management.
  • Introductory Education for Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) in both single and multi-project environments including a 4-part educational series to discover the case for CCPM, CCPM building blocks, planning and scheduling a single project, and scheduling and executing in a multi-project environment.
  • A little bit of CCPM goes a long way! What’s the point of project management?  Why do we even need it? Half the businesses running projects have no formal Project management tools. How can CCPM help get their projects done? This Topic focuses on showing how applying just simple basic principles and techniques of CCPM can make a big difference.
  • Case Studies:  Real world examples of CCPM implementation case studies which demonstrate the problems faced and overcome and reporting the impressive results.
  • Recorded Live Interactive Sessions using games and simulations to illustrate CCPM core principles. Participate in the Bad Multitasking Experiment with a live Interactive session and panel discussion which covers the damaging effects of bad multitasking, the causes and what to change to finish tasks and the project in less time with less stress. Experience simulation software to illustrate the impact of various induced and counter-productive human behaviors in project environments, their cause, and the remedy.
  • CCPM +: Examples of CCPM working in harmony with other Project Management philosophies and methodologies + Agile, + Scrum, and other Work Flow Productivity Tools and Software to get even better results.
  • Construction & Infrastructure: These presentations are “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” exploring jumps in knowledge or making significant progress.


Rajeev Athavale

Vicious Cycle in Projects and How to Reverse It

Kathy Austin

Introductory Series: Planning & Scheduling Single Project

Dr. Alan Barnard

Multitasking Challenge - Live Interactive Simulation Game

Dr. Sourav Basu

Solving the project control problem in large construction projects

Antonio Brasil

Organization Designed for Administration

Trevor Calder

The Shortest Path to Completing Your Late Project(s)

Joe Cooper

Critical Chain Overview

Alejandro Fernández

Top management ideas: All of them should be managed as projects?

Ilanit Freeman

The Secret Ingredient to ALL Soft Skills Abilities

Menno Graaf

Taking your project environment from Push to Pull, critical chain made easy!

Sanjeev Gupta

Build a Project Delivery Machine, Not a PMO Bureaucracy

Dr. Vince Hackett

Lean Construction Last Planner and CCPM working together: a Public Realm City Centre Project

Ian Heptinstall

Critical Chain, Procurement & Contracts

Dr. James Holt

Multitasking Challenge - Live Interactive Simulation Game

Anantha Keerthi

Rapid Feature Flow Model - A new solution for software development

Alex Klarman

Can You Have it, Without Having it? it - being Critical Chain Project Management

Christoph Lenhartz

Scheduling & Execution in Multi-Projects Environments

Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Philip Marris

Critical Chain in aeronautical maintenance (MRO)…the world of projects when every minute counts

Asaf Morag

Construction & Infrastructure Projects with Critical Chain - Less Time, Fewer Claims (Encore Presentation)

Rob Newbold

Software Panel Discussion

Rene Nibbelke

#Curiosity in ways to deliver on time

Lisa Scheinkopf

Project Management: The Hard Part is the Soft Side

Eli Schragenheim

1. The basic rationale to move from Critical Path to Critical Chain Project Management / 2. Assessing the Value of a Project

Sarah Schutte

Critical Chain, Procurement & Contracts

Dr. Roy Stratton

Lean Construction Last Planner and CCPM working together: a Public Realm City Centre Project

Steve Tendon

Agile Constraints Management

John Thompson

Taking Critical Chain to the Next Level

Alexey Vasilyev

Pulse Management - another way to reach goals faster for IT and R&D companies

Ad Vermeulen

Get your projects and work done in the fast lane!

Daniel Walsh

Taking Critical Chain to the Next Level

Tomo Watase

Upstream Process CCPM

Andy Watt

Half the duration and cost of projects in a state-owned bank

Christo Wentzel

R&D projects faster and more easily with 2-tier planning

Simon White

#Curiosity in ways to deliver on time

Yoshie Yamamura

Using CCPM to improve end-to-end IT Life Cycle Performance

Dr. Aquila Yeong

Lean Construction Last Planner and CCPM working together: a Public Realm City Centre Project


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Critical Chain is part of an approach to managing systems and operations known as TOC (Theory of Constraints).

Originally developed by Eli Goldratt and colleagues in the 1980’s, today TOC has developed into a comprehensive collections to methods that are used to manage a wide range of systems and operations of all scales – from personal development, to global multi-nationals and governments.

Critical Chain is the TOC method for managing projects, and was developed in the 1990’s when Goldratt was engaged by a national oil company to apply the ideas behind his bestselling book The Goal, to the field of projects.

After years of development and testing, Goldratt publicized the critical chain method in his book – Critical Chain – in 1997.


Critical Chain is often abbreviated to CC, or CCPM (critical chain project management).

This conference was brought to you by

The Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) is more than ever committed to growing the Theory of Constraints (TOC) for everyone! Its mission is to be the primary source of knowledge and pathway to become real TOC practitioners with member resources and certification recognized worldwide no matter from where you start your journey. TOCICO members have access to a rich and growing repository of videos and documents covering not only project management but the wider TOC body of knowledge.

Realization was founded in 1991. It became the first company in the world to introduce multi-project, web-based software to the world of projects. Today its efforts are to leverage AI in project planning and scheduling is in its nascent stage and using AI to analyze data. With AI not possible in project management software without automated planning, Realization has developed the only product on the market that meets that criteria is the SMART Project Delivery System.

This conference organizers and volunteers consisted of experienced project managers and consultants who passionately believe that the tools of critical chain and TOC make great additions to a project manager's toolkit.

For many years the TOCICO has organized global events bringing together practitioners, students and experts in TOC. This conference seeks to make some of that experience available to the wider project management community.

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